Unlike a shared website hosting account in which the information is backed up by the hosting company, if you use a virtual or a dedicated hosting server you will need to keep manual backups because such a service is not provided by default. As excellent as a server may be, there is always the possibility that something may go wrong. For example, you might delete some content by accident or a script-driven app may get corrupted after an update. In the event that you have a backup, you won't have to concern yourself with this sort of issues as the content can be easily restored. Considering that it may not be really handy to do this all the time on your end, we supply an optional backup service for all our server solutions and we will store a copy of your content on a separate hosting server to make certain that it is undamaged no matter what. With the upgrade, you'll be able to work on your server without worrying that you could lose any info due to any reason.

Weekly Backup in Dedicated Servers

If you get one of our dedicated web hosting plans and you decide that you need a backup of your content, you can include this service with a couple of mouse clicks and our system shall start keeping copies on a weekly basis immediately. You'll be able to order the upgrade together with the web server or at some point later via your billing CP if you do not need backups from the very beginning. The service shall grant you 50 gigabytes of disk space on a separate server and this content may be restored on our end. Even though we test out the hardware and the software before we hand over any new dedicated hosting server, you may never know if some update won't fail, so in case you have important info on the hosting server, you will be better off with this upgrade. Backups are also available with the Managed Services upgrade, which includes lots of other useful management tasks that we supply to our customers.